Use of Cable Accessories for Splices and Cable Joints

We have many industries and utilities that use cables for their electrical connectivity. These include marine, mining, oil industry, mining, nuclear power, hydropower, and more. Often you must splice and make joints in the cables during the maintenance work or when laying new cables.

Various kinds of accessories

The common accessories include duct seals, grounding and mounting tools, joints and splices, and power cable breakouts. In addition, you have separable connectors, power cable wraps, tubing and accessories, terminations, and power cable end caps. All the power cable accessories must withstand environmental stresses. Further, they must resist the degradation that happens due to ultraviolet light and forces of erosion.

Heat shrink joints and splices

The heat shrink joints have elastic memories. This enables them to shrink to their original shape after the application of the heat. This they achieve through cross-linking. You have mechanical conduction and electrical conductivity built into the multi-layered tube used in the heat shrink splice. You might find visual indicators in the modern joints to help make signal corrections. You can install the joint in minutes with a gas torch. They take compression and shear-bolt connectors.

Cold shrink joints

You can connect and maintain the joint using cold shrink technology. The pre-stretched cold shrink sleeves need expansion when you want to make a joint. The holdout on the sleeve is removed first. Then, you make the joint and the sleeve slips back on the cable firmly. This kind of design minimizes the number of steps needed to make the splice. You can make shear-bolt connections or compression easily. This design is compact. You can use this method when the use of a torch is restricted.

Gel products

The gel box and gel wrap is easy to use and install. They have sealing gel rated for a high temperature performance. These products have unlimited shelf life. The withstand exposure to water and humidity. You can use these products in overhead applications, directly buried underground, or for any other outdoor application.

Resin products

You have a good number of environmentally friendly resins casting material that are reliable. These resins have the function of insulate, seal, and protect the electrical joint where you use them. One may use them in Low and Medium Voltage Joints and Splices.

Dry compact switchgear and transformer terminations

You can install these in the housing for the cable entry of switchgear that is gas-insulated. It must comply with the industry standard specification for the interface between the switchgear and the termination. You can use adapters for oil-filled type terminations.

Link boxes

When you want to test the shield breaks, you use the link boxes. These link boxes find use at the terminations and cable joints. This helps restrict the buildup of voltage in the sheath. This kind of buildup happens due to switching operations, fault currents, and lightning. Use of link boxes helps to minimize losses through the cable shield in cables that have grounding on both sides.

One must choose durable cable accessories. Check that the brand you select fulfils the industry standards. Using good quality tools helps you achieve good quality in your work.

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