Cold Shrinkable Jointing Kits

"The term ’cold shrink’ is used in materials, which have capability to shrink without raising the material above the temperature of its surrounding areas. At Compaq, we manufacture and supply cold shrink cable joints which are of international quality and standard. Our cable joints can easily be installed in cable ducts, under the ground, indoor, outdoors overhead, or use in cable trays. Just unwind the core to install it. It’s quite simple.

The Compaq cold shrink joints are a viable cost-based option to heat shrink cable jointing technology. Designed with a high quality molecular, they ensure constant radial pressure is exerted on the cable for the duration of the cable joints’ life. The range of our products covers the most common cable configurations and size ranges that are unique to the market.
Key Features

  • Waterproof seal
  • Less room for jointer error
  • Easy and simple installation
  • Accommodates a range of cable sizes
  • Viable cost-based alternative to heat shrink
  • Safe installation – No torches or heat required
  • Alternative to straight resin jointing method
  • Simple installation – Easier to use in enclosed areas
  • Lower installed cost – compared to many competitive products