Compaq International is a reputed organization, which deals with supplying, manufacturing and designing of engineering based power cable accessories for a various solutions. A wide range of power Cable accessories are manufactured in the firm, which include Cable Terminations, Shear head Bolt Connectors and Lugs, Bushing Boots, Cable Joints, Cable Breakout boots, Rain Sheds, Insulating Tubing, Stress Control tubing, Cold Shrink Tubing and other Jointing Accessories. Our products have gained significant reputation among the world’s leading energy, mining, marine, nuclear and offshore industries. The design of the products is carefully chosen so that they meet the required standards and also yield better performance under extreme environmental conditions. The insulation materials developed by Compaq have all the appreciable features like erosion resistance, tracking and resistance to harmful effects of ultraviolet light and other environmental stresses. Our accessories aren’t just confined to electrical insulation, power distribution and transmission; they are handy in such other similar applications and play a vital role in modern industries. All the products manufactured by such materials to acquire better properties of sealing and insulating. These materials can be used for voltages up to 72.5kV and form the base of cable terminations, straight through joints.