Polluted Conditions Cable Terminations Should Be Able To Fight

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Cables and the accessories used in the power networks hold great importance in the industry. From medium to high voltage power lines, all of the power networks requires terminations to seal the ends. There are different types of terminations available to suit the power line. But it is important that the termination can perform effectively in all kinds of polluted conditions.

The article provides you all kinds of polluted conditions that Medium voltage cable terminations should be able to fight.

  1. Protection from humid environments

The humidity in the indoor environments has the ability to reduce the performance of the device in the cable system. It can contaminate the cable and create hazardous situations, which sometimes lead to serious faults. However, the situation can be avoided by installing the reliable product in the cable lines. The product that is well tested to fight with the humid condition is the best bet. Many manufacturers employ advanced techniques and produce high-quality accessories. They also test their products in extreme environments to ensure the performance of the device. So, all you need to do is, find the right company to get the right product for your cable sealing process.

  1. Protection from Salt fog

Salt fog is the major problem that reduces the performance of the cable lines in the outdoor areas. It can contaminate the surface of the termination and cause the current to flow on the surface of the insulation. Hence, the product employed should be able to protect the cable from the faults threats of salt fog. A few firms test their products in the environment of salt fog to test the voltage changes, temperature changes, and other changes that occur after spraying salt fog on the surface of the device. The buyer should make sure that the product is well-tested to provide required protection from the salt fog.

  1. Protection from mud

Moisture contamination is another issue that occurs due to the mud and other dust particles. These particles create a charge around the contaminated area and allow the current to come out and flow over the surface. This needs to be avoided. And to do that, the product should be well-tested, so that, the cable gets required insulation in the sealed part. However, the contamination also depends on the careful installation procedures followed by the installer.

  1. Protection from UV rays

Global warming has made it very difficult to keep the high quality of the cable lines for a long time. Hence, the new materials have been introduced to resolve the issue of UV rays that can damage the cables and other accessories. These materials are tested before being used in the product in order to ensure the performance. Hence, it would be wise to invest in the accessories that can provide protection from harmful UV rays.

Hence, these are all the major polluted conditions the terminations should be able to fight. You can ensure the quality of the accessories by getting the certified products only.

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