Indoor Termination Suitable for 1 Core Copper / Aluminium Tape / Wire Shield and Lead Sheathed XLPE Insulated Cables Upto 72.5 kV



Product Description

Heat Shrinkable Indoor Termination suitable for single core copper/aluminium tape/wire shield and lead sheathed XLPE Insulated cables upto 72.5 kV The design has been focused to provide the basic important functions required for high voltage power cable accessories including the electric performance, stress relief measure, environmental seal, mechanical fatigues and other related performance parameters laid down in different countries for various service conditions.

Salient Features

  • Simple installation, No special tools required.
  • Excellent performance and reliability.
  • Outstanding dielectric properties.
  • No shelf life limitations upto or below 50oC.
  • Permanent radial pressure equally distributed on cable profiles.
  • Resistance to acids, alkalis, ozone, UV light & fungus.
  • Immediate energizable.
  • Field proven technology.

Specifications and Standards

Meets the requirement of IS:13573 (2011), IEC 60502, IEEE 48, 404, CENELEC HD 629-1 & other applicable international quality

Text Requirment Requirement Test Value GPO/I-3336 Series
AC Dry Withstand Voltage 75 kV/1 minute Pass
D.C. Voltage Withstand Test 144 kV/30 minutes Pass
Lightening Impulse withstand Voltage 170 kV 170 kV
Humidity (Indoor) 300 hr at 1.25 U0 ( 24 kV rms ) Withstood
Salt Fog (Outdoor) 1000 hr at 1.25 U0 ( 24 kV rms ) Withstood
Cable Size (sq. mm) Kit code
25-50 CXO-31 Enquire Now
70-95 CXO-32 Enquire Now
120-185 CXO-33 Enquire Now
240-400 CXO-34 Enquire Now
Cable Size (sq. mm) Kit code
25-50 CXI-31 Enquire Now
70-95 CXI-32 Enquire Now
120-185 CXI-33 Enquire Now
240-400 CXI-34 Enquire Now