Improved Connectivity of Lugs made with Shear Heads


Shear head bolt lugs helps you establish a stable and reliable connectivity. The big advantage is you do not have to use cable crimping. Lugs are used commonly in electrical distribution networks.

Avoid the crimping

Crimping is a standard practice in cable jointing since it also helps you make effective cable joints. However, when you use the lugs for making the joint, you have more benefits. Such as when you want to make cable replacements, you can use the same cable without alteration. Further up to 1 KV, you can maintain proper cable termination in the same line.


The design of these lugs facilitates holding the high quality cable in a firm way. This leaves the process of termination undisturbed and it remains effective for a long time. Because of its simplicity, this method of giving connectivity is used extensively in all metropolitan and rural areas in cable jointing.

High utility of lugs

Though they all look the same, the lugs are different and so one has to pay attention to some points when one makes the purchase.

  • First thing to check is the size and the rating of the lug. This will tell you whether the lug is suitable for the type of cable and the voltage it is carrying.
  • Since there is no demand for the lugs and many manufacturers make them, you should get them all over the place. If one supplier does not have the exact match you are looking for, then you must try another one.
  • Buy only high quality lugs made from standard metals. The finish should be good meaning in most cases a tin plated finish.
  • They have to meet the ISO quality specification so they are durable and will perform well.
  • If you check at more than one store, you will get a cheap shear head lug with high quality.
  • All lugs come with inserts, so do not buy them separately. The only thing you need to install the lugs is support tools.

Choose the proper model

You have different models of lugs suited for varied applications. For instance, you have the earthing connector lug that we use for underground works. This type of connection is applicable for all kinds of conductors including aluminium and copper. The only thing we have to watch out for is that they will not stand traction. So, avoid their use in such places. You can install the joint by tightening the screws.

Properties of good quality lugs

One will find chamfering done on the edges in the high quality lugs. The shear head lugs are easy to use since you do not have to look for the torque. The shear heads will drop away when the preset torque is reached. For more details on how to install the lugs, consult the manual that comes with the package from the supplier. If you have any doubts regarding the quality, just choose another supplier.

Choose suppliers who have been in the industry for some time. They will have enough knowledge about the working and requirements of the industry. Further, you can read about the company on the internet to see how good they are.

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