Good Quality Connections with Mechanical Lugs

Use of shear head lugs is increasing due to the ease of operation and the economic factor. You can make the connectivity of your electrical distribution network stable and reliable using the lugs since you avoid cable crimping.

Standard jointing methods

Use of lugs gives you the ability to keep the high-quality cable in position and creating joints. It remains effective for a long time due to the termination being undisturbed. Most places in the metropolis and all over the country use this method due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

The old way to make the jointing was by crimping. However, when you change the cable, crimped joints need plenty of alteration.

Pick the right lug

Though the mechanical cable lugs all look the same, there is a lot of change in different models. To make the right joint, you should use the proper lug. Here is a look at the things you need to see.

Choose the right size always

The first thing to do is check the size and rating of the lug. You come to know if the lug is suitable for the type of cable that needs jointing. You must check the voltage rating. If you do not have the right size or rating from your supplier, wait for a couple of days. The lugs do not have demand and one can get the desired lug from some other supplier.

Choose the best quality

When you buy lugs, make sure they use standard metal and have a good finish. Usually, good quality lugs have tin-plating that ensures long life. To be durable, these lugs must meet ISO specifications.

Inserts come with the lugs

All the lugs come with inserts and so you do not have to buy them from another shop. You can check for cheap lugs with high quality at two or more stores. You do not have to pay more that way.

Find the right model for your application

Different applications need different lugs. When you do underground work, you need earthing connector lug. You can use this in all kinds of connections and conductors. However, they will not stand traction so you must avoid it if such a situation might arise. Installation is simple as you need to only tighten the screws.

Qualities of good lugs

Good quality lugs will have chamfering on the edges. You do not have to keep a watch on the torque because you use shear head lugs. When the torque reaches its assigned value, it will fall off. You can get all the details on the usage of the lugs from the manual that you get from the supplier.

Always choose a reliable supplier. Go by the number of years they have been in the industry. Experienced suppliers will have good knowledge and understand the needs of the industry. You can go online and check their website. The customer review section will tell you how dependable they and their products are.

Choosing the right lug depends on the need and your experience. If you do not know how to make the right selection, just go to the website of the supplier and contact them. They will help you all the way.

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