The Benefits of Mechanical Bolt Connectors In Low And Medium Voltage Applications

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Bolt connectors have established their importance in the electrical industry. Both low and medium conductors require these objects to stay connected in an electric network. Though there are plenty of manufacturers offering these tools, the reliable ones offer high-quality features. These features become highly beneficial for the project handlers and allow them to create a strong network of power lines.

Here are all of the benefits that you get from the quality Shear head bolt connectors.

 Wide application range

A quality connecting tool is made to work with all kinds conductors within the suitable range of voltage. These pieces can be used to install the cables that are made of different material. This is the reason why engineers prefer these products. It saves a lot of time reduces the efforts during the installation of a network. The workers feel stress-free due to the wide application range. Plus, there is no need to worry about the left bolts, as it can be used in the next project due to a wide application range.

 Easy tightening of the bolt

The shear type of bolt makes thing further easy for the installers. It has a smooth breakage that allows the user to easily tight the bolt and make a strong connection between the conductors. No need to put too much effort or worry about the loose connections, these items are made to ease everything for the engineers.

 High electric performance 

The materials like Aluminium and brass are used in the manufacturing of these tools. This makes them highly applicable and allows them to serve the network for a very long time. The electrical performance of these tools is amazingly high and works without too much maintenance effort.

 High tensile strength 

In between 1 kV to the 42 kV, the tensile strength of the tools work flawlessly. This allows the project handlers to reduce the risks of any complications in the power network. Plus, it saves the engineers from expenses that can occur in the future.

 A little torque moment is enough

This is the most important benefit that engineers look for. A little torque moment breaks the head of the connector, which makes it faster to complete the job. The workforce can be used to complete the task within the pre-decided time limits through these materials.

Hence, the functionality of the tool increases the productivity of the workers. All in all, the project completion time reduces to a great extent.

Apart from all the mentioned benefits, the tool doesn’t require you to use a torque wrench. It is due to the shear head that it comes with.

Finally, it is important to understand that all the benefits depend on the quality of the product. And the quality is highly dependable on the manufacturer. Hence, the right brand is needed to ensure the required benefits.

So, now you know all advantages of these tools. Employ them to enhance the productivity and the quality of your low and medium voltage power systems.

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